HLECA Civic Center Rules

  1. NO DECORATIONS, TAPE, STAPLES, SCOTCH TAPE, THUMBTACKS OR OTHER ITEMS ARE ALLOWED ON THE CEILINGS, WALLS, OR DIVIDERS. Upon inspection, if walls are damaged, charges for damages will be taken from the security deposit.  If damages are more than the amount of the security deposit, you will be billed for the balance.
  2. To maintain numbers within hall capacity. Hall maximum capacity is 280.
  3. Renter agrees to indemnify the Holiday Lake Estates Civic Association and its members or agents against all liability to persons or property. 
  4. Wifi is provided during event hours only. The password is for the renter only and is not to be distributed. The Holiday Lake Estates Civic Association wifi can not be used for ILLEGAL ACTIVITY OF ANY KIND and renter accepts full responsibility for activity during rental times and by their agents and event attendees.
  5. NO CONFETTI is to be used in the building. Use of confetti may be grounds for forfeiture of security deposit.
  6. No smoking allowed in the building.  Smoking outdoors in designated smoking areas only. Renter is responsible for cleaning up cigarette butts.
  7. No pets or animals, except service dogs, are allowed in or around the community building.
  8. Sale of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.
  9. You must furnish your own food, dishes, silverware, serving utensils and dishcloths, etc.
  10. Clean up is the renter’s responsibility.  The community building and property must be restored to its original condition.
  11. Any damages to equipment, property and/or facility will be charged to the renter.
  12. The Holiday Lake Estates Civic Association Board reserves the right to require security personnel to attend any function at the cost of the person renting the building, or to have a Board member present at any time.
  13. The Holiday Lake Estates Civic Association Board reserves the right to refuse service to any group or individual.
  14. All functions end at or before 12AM.  This includes clean up time. Renter agrees not to disturb the surrounding community with excessive noise levels. Pasco County Noise Ordinance is 11:00PM. Special requests can be made for an extended end time.
  15. Children MUST be supervised at all times. The Responsible Party listed on the rental agreement is responsible for any and all damages caused by children.
  16. No tent stakes may be pounded into the blacktop and no markings are allowed.
  17. All weapons, drugs, and other illegal contraband are prohibited on the property.
  18. All fireworks, pyrotechnics, and open flames are prohibited on the property.