The Holiday Lake Estates Civic Association’s mission is to turn strangers into neighbors and neighbors into friends. We want our community to become a great community to call home and that is why a group of your neighbors volunteer to make the HLE Civic Association available for you to enjoy. We are a non-profit organization and our main purpose is to arrange community events to give members opportunities to meet their neighbors while having fun.

We are located at 3624 Atlantis Drive, Holiday, Florida  34691

 Parking Lot Clean-Up

October, 15th

A large section of our parking lot at the civic center is being blocked by overgrown foliage. We need your help! We will be working together as a community to clear the area. We are also working to raise money for a wood chipper and plan to give away the mulch chips free to anyone interested. The total cost of this project is $350. Any donation helps, whether is monetary or labor.

Cash, check, or donations through the paypall link (located at the bottom of this page) are accepted. Contact us by phone or email for more information.

Wondering what’s going on with the $200,000 grant Holiday Lake Estates has received to update the community center? Go here for updates!